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wet moon-in-ation

Thu Dec 13, 2007, 12:00 AM
it finally came today!!! it's like christmas came early or something. i had almost given up hope after pre-odering it, like, 2 months ago. i thought i might have to mission it out to my local comic book store to find it, but it came it came it came!!!!!!
Ross Campbell, you never cease to impress me. the third installment of Wet Moon was marvelous. when i openned up the box, i was like "whoa, it's BIG this time" and yet i still ended up reading through it in under two hours and craving more More MORE!!! i've been once again inspired to do a fan art of your characters.... it'd be my thrird...

oh, i also saw the golden compass
the Golden Compass yesterday night. I had been waiting for this movie for over two years, when i heard rumours of it's conception. I think His Dark Materials is one of my favourite series and Phillip Pullman is the MAN when it comes to good story telling. so i was naturally intrigued and more than a little excited to heard about the movie. after waiting all that time, i finally saw it last night. it was pretty good, all things considered. I mean, it's always hard to make a movie out of a book, especially one as full of character developement and details as this series is. obviously they would've had to cut a lot out. I was impressed with the cast selection, actually. i felt most of the characters pretty much reflected my expectations for suited casting. they did a pretty stand-up job, i thought. but the movie just moved so FAST.... and they cut out the whole end of the book. and it was so TAME compared to the books. *SPOILER ALERT*
the scene with Iorek's fight for King was pretty sweet, though. and i TOTALLY didn't see the final blow coming. i figured they weren't gonna show any gore, since that's how the rest of the movie was... but DUDE, when Iorek batted the King's jaw clear off his face, i was like "no way!" and then he goes for the dude's throat and just breaks his neck...brutal. not as brutal as if they had shown blood, though. i mean, Iorek got RIGHT in there, where the blood should have been GUSHING out (ripping off a jaw tends to leave some blood, i'd say), and yet there was not a fleck of blood anywhere on the white of the King, Iorek, OR the snow all around them. oh well

so anyway, i'd say they did an over-all decent job with it... it could have been much worse, i suppose. and i actually want to see the next one, if they make it.

i also finished my semester today. had my final crit and let me tell you, was i ever ready for it all to be over. i have one last semester left and then i'm seriously on my own in the big world. gotta look for a new place to live... hopefully a new job that perhaps has a little more creativity than the one i have now. but before all that.... VANCOUVER! i'm heading out on a month-long exploration of Vancouver BC in May. i'm vastly excited; it'll give me some time to see old friends and really kick my life out of "school" mode. I've been at OCAD for 5 years now.... i don't know if i understand how to live a life without school...


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